What leads to success?

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I recently watched a TED Talk online about how to be successful in life. The speaker, Richard St. John, shared eight secrets he believes will lead you to success. He gathered these ideas through interviewing 500 successful people over a span of seven years.

The eight secrets:

  1. Passion – Do it for love, not for money.
  2. Work – It’s hard work, and nothing comes easily.
  3. Good – Practice in order to be good at what you do.
  4. Focus – Focus on one thing.
  5. Push – Push yourself mentally and physically.
  6. Serve – Serve others something of value.
  7. Ideas – Be curious. Listen. Observe.
  8. Persist – Persist through failure and rejection.

Just think about it. These secrets can help you in all kinds of situations.

My favorite secret is #6. After thinking about my career goal of working in the news industry, I realized I would be serving Americans…

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