Sugata Mitra presents “School in the Cloud”


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Sugatra Mitra, a Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, has come up with an award-winning idea of using “Cloud” based technology to educate children. The idea, which he says will revolutionise education as we know it, will be used in some of the most remote areas of the world where there are either no teachers or lowly qualified teachers. This is a self educational program where children learn by themselves using a provided computer. A “Granny” Supervisor who will be available if and when needed will be available remotely to provide minor guidance and assistance to the children.

Dr Mitra had a case study of his homeland, India, where he stationed some of these computers in a remote village, without explaining to the children about it, he let them discover themselves about the information contained in the computer. After leaving the computers there for a test period, he came…

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