Is there a Real You? Read on and find out.

Este fue de los más geniales vídeos que he visto, me agradó mucho encontrar el blog.

Philosophy and You

The question of ‘Who am I?’ is one that mankind has grappled with throughout time. Such a query has been expected from teenagers as well as being less overtly pondered by adults- guided through the use of pop-psychology, astrology and personality tests. It it is safe to say that this internal discussion is one that is not foreign to many of us and perhaps as a result of this, in our society, there is main concept of identity that is often accepted and enforced.

That is: You have a sense of self that stays fixed over time. 

Sounds right, doesn’t it? After all, the person you are today is generally acknowledged as being the same person you were 10 years ago. You certainly share the same name and have the same parents. But are you the same? Well, Baggini suggests that essentially, we aren’t. The link below will take you…

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