Corporations Are Bigger Than Governments – What Do We Do? (VIDEO)

Young Progressive Voices

“We must revive politics as the power to imagine, reimagine, and redesign for a better world. But I also know that this disruptive force of change won’t be driven by the politics of today. The revival of democratic politics will come from you, and I mean all of you. Everyone who participates in this global exchange of ideas, whether it’s here in this room, or just outside this room, or online or locally, where everybody lives, everyone who stands up to injustice and inequality. Everybody who stands up to those who preach racism rather than empathy, dogma rather than critical thinking, technocracy rather than democracy, everyone who stands up to the unchecked power, whether it’s authoritarian leaders, plutocrats hiding their assets in tax havens, or powerful lobbies protecting the powerful few. It is in their interest that all of us are idiots. Let’s not be.” – Prime Minister George Papandreou.

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