Be happy, that’s real success

Alisen Dopf

Yeah! You reached your goal! Woo hoo!  How do you feel? Good? Awesome?

Or, are you wondering what’s next?

Do you ever just sit with your current achievement and enjoy it? I mean, really enjoy it. Revel in it? Roll around on the floor in it, smush your face in it until you can hardly breathe?

I didn’t think so.

So, just how the heck are you supposed to enjoy life if you don’t?

I’m working with several clients who are so preoccupied with the future, and so worried about letting an opportunity slip by them, that they can’t even recognize how far they’ve come, and all the successes they have achieved. As a result, they constantly critique and compare themselves to others, are almost hyperventilating from stress, and frankly, are not very happy.

When I ask them, “do you think it’s possible to live without stress?” I usually get a…

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